Recently we’ve seen a trend on twitter between producers. There seems to be an on going battle about the views on using loops. Some call it cheating. Others call it smart. Today we want to go over the benefits of using loops and why those who don’t use them could be holding themselves back.

Work Flow

The first major benefit of using loops is the improvement of your work flow. You can save yourself hours of work by dragging in already made loops. Let’s look at hi-hats for an example. Hi-Hats can be a very tedious job, especially in higher tempos. However using a loop or even a MIDI file can cut your time focused on hi-hats in half. Why would you not take advantage of a tool that cuts your time in half?

More Beats = More Results

This benefit also connects with the work flow benefit. The fact of the matter is, using loops can help you make more beats in a short amount of time. Wether your goals is to get placements or to sell your productions online more beats will bring more results.

No Clearance Needed

Unlike using samples, you don’t need to worry about copyright issues. Royalty free loops can help inspire you to create something new. The best part is, when its finished you can post it and send it without needing to file any paper work.

The Beat Block Savior 

One of the key benefits of using loops is the inspiration it sparks. Almost every producer at some point has faced beat block.  The creative block where it seems like you’re out of ideas or cant find the right amount of motivation to create something. Loops can help you over-come this set back.


In conclusion loops are a tool available to producers. It’s your choice if you want to utilize the tool as a weapon to help you progress.




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