Our mission is to provide innovative plugins, VSTs, and audio programming technology to help music creators evolve. We want to make sure the technology we develop hits the needs of all of our customers. We ask you to fill out the form below so we can understand what you are on the search for and what can help you personally make better music. Each user who fills out this form will receive an early access invitation to download our newest software.

What type of plugins are you constantly on the search for?
Example: Fx Plugins, Mixing & Mastering Plugins, Synths, Sound Design Plugins/software, Sample Based plugins such as Omnishpere.
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What plugins do you use constantly & why?
Example: I use Omnishpere the most because of its large selection of presets and ability to design my own sounds
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What functions do you wish your most used plugin had?
Example: I wish Omnishpere had a cloud based section where new presets were uploaded on a weekly basis
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What are your biggest pain points when it comes to making music?
Example: Finding unique sounds. I was I could arrange and mix music faster.
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